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Pure Shea Butter – A Multipurpose Beauty Element for All Skin Types

Pure Shea butter, also known as woman’s gold, is a natural beauty care element than can finger-snap the chemical based alternatives. This is a multipurpose beauty-enhancing substance that is suitable for all skin types. Therefore, whether you are looking for a safe and effective night cream, scrub or anti-aging cream – feel confident to embrace pure Shea butter. The upcoming passages can help you to learn more about pure Shea butter for the skin.

applying Pure shea butter on skin

Use of pure Shea butter for skin

Unlike the bottled and treated Shea butter, the pure or unrefined Shea fat is more effective. During the refining process the fat extracted from Shea nut is heated and this stage, along with the junk its essential nutritional properties are eliminated. Contrarily, the unrefined Shea fat doesn’t go through the refining process and that is why none of its vital elements is removed.
All the unnecessary parts it contains are some chips and bits of the Shea nut and you can easily get rid of these elements. Just take a little amount of Shea butter on your palm and your natural body heat will be enough to melt the fat. And after the substance is melt you can easily separate the junk elements. You can use pure Shea butter for skin in numerous ways as follows:

  1. As moisturizer – Pure Shea butter is a wonderful moisturizing agent that fights dryness and moistens your skin from the deeper layers within. Therefore, use this as a moisturizing cream that keeps your skin hydrated for hours. In addition, you can use this as crack-repairing cream that can repair the painful cracks commonly found on the heel or on the elbows.
  2. As night cream/anti-aging cream – Pure Shea butter contains essential anti-aging elements those can help you to fight the signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, dark patches etc. In other words, you can use this as a natural anti-aging remedy or a night cream.
  3. Scrub – You can use untreated Shea butter as a natural scrub too. This helps in gently exfoliating the dead cells from the skin while at the same time, this works as a natural collagen-boosting agent. This promotes the generation of new skin cells and keeps your skin looking young and glowing.
  4. Anti-inflammatory agent – Unrefined fat extracted from Shea nut contains soothing properties that can heal minor cuts or razor bumps.

applying shea butter

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